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Quote from Vu by Kenneth Sinclair

Coming out from Pantolwen
Press, spring 2024

— Time to begin, she said.

And so that night, the black hulls of the Greeks already on the blue Aegean, bound for Troy. The long sea oars drip diamond drops that flash in the noonday sun. In all beginnings there is a magic force.

If you like to stay comfortable, reading a book might be a dangerous thing to do. Through the pages of a book, you might change the way you view the world. If you have access to books, you can go anywhere in imagination. You can read at your own pace, and re-read as often as you like.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of immersing themselves in a book knows the power of fine writing and well-crafted story-telling to draw them in. You may emerge inspired or disturbed. You may have encountered truths you only dimly guessed at before. It’s this transformative potential that Bryn Glas Books seeks to uphold.

Photographs clockwise from top left by Aaron Burden, Christin Hume, Jilbert Ibrahimi and Seven Shooter. Available on Unsplash.

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