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Pantolwen Press is the publishing imprint of Bryn Glas Books

Its titles are distributed by the Books Council of Wales and Gardners

Based in West Wales, Pantolwen means the Hollow of the Wheel

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NEW EDITION published 2023

The Seaborne by A. G. Rivett

What would it be like for a man with today’s knowledge of technology to find himself in pre-industrial times? This was a question A G Rivett used to wonder about and dream into. He set pen to paper as an idea for a story began to form in his mind, but put it aside. Returning to it after twenty years, his first sketch developed into The Seaborne.

By the time the book was written, a growing awareness of the pressure of human activity on wildlife and countryside was lending urgency to ideas that had started as simple curiosity.

Can science and technology alone free us from the problems created through their use? Must living standards continually rise? What about the pressures on other life forms? And the interdependence between them and us? And what does a high standard of living actually mean? What values truly give quality to our lives?

How The Seaborne was written – the inside story … click HERE


The Priest’s Wife by A. G. Rivett

When her husband the priest dies, Morag loses more than her life partner. With him goes her home and her place in the community. In addition to these misfortunes, in a society that sets great store by lineage, she is challenged about the mysterious identity of her mother, and it is this that sets her on a quest of discovery that comes up, at first, upon a blank, but in time leads her to the circle of the island’s ‘Guardians’, who mediate her discovery of her mother’s identity, and, step by step, her own deeper self-knowing and self-acceptance.  

When Aidan, the new priest, undertakes a campaign to upturn the township’s spirituality, which has accommodated older druidical forms alongside the Christ story, both he, and the community, are set on a collision course.


Vu by Kenneth Sinclair

Gabriel, a twentieth century English storyteller, is abducted while journeying in an unnamed land. He is summoned to narrate to the Princess Sheherazade, who occupies an imaginal world not bounded by time or place. His narration spans more than two thousand years, told over twenty evenings. It is a many-layered tale, in which poets, painters and players jostle with explorers, sages and scientists, hurtling towards the silver screen and the apprehension of string theory.
The last word is given to the birds, who fly through the narrative, calling us to attend to them and to the natural world in which, and against which, all human striving takes place.

Quote from The Priest’s Wife by A. G. Rivett

ʻSo itʼs come, Antie.ʼ

Morag looked at her sharply.


ʻYer time. Yeʼll be needed, donʼt ye ken?ʼ

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